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ITEKT Mobile Protection Liquid (Multiple Use)

- Provides superior resistance to scratches on your screen and screen shattering while still keeping your device's elegance intact
- Once dried, the screen protector is completely invisible to the eye and to the touch
- Provides better touch sensibility than standard screen protectors
- Once applied, offers protection to your screen for 2 years 
- Easy to apply, no specialized equipment required
- Quick drying; only 5 minutes!
- Made in Canada
- Lab tested and certified by ASTM International E2546 | ISO 14577  -1.5ml - perfect for 3-5 applications
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- iTEKT Nano Liquid Screen Protector for Mobile Devices - 1.5ml
- iTEKT cleaning solution - 1.5ml
- Microfiber cloth
iTEKT Mobile Protection Liquid is compatible with all kinds of mobile devices.
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