Frequently Asked Questions

Once your account is setup, you will be given a direct contact at Nexus Cellular. The appointed representative will be your dedicated Account Manager. You can reach out to him/her anytime to service your account.

Excellent customer service is one of our main goals. Nexus Cellular gives you a one on one relationship with a knowledgeable Account Manager to address any questions or issues you may have with your account.

Of course! We are a leading distributor of Parts, Accessories and Devices and we have worked out many agreements for our customers who buy in volume. We are always open to negotiation and your Account Manager will be able to get you better pricing so you can increase your profitability.

Please reach out to us if you would like further details.

We currently have five different grades of devices:

Brand New, Refurbished, Pre-Owned Grade A, Pre-Owned Grade B and Pre-Owned Grade C. Please visit the following pages to get specific details on each grade:

Yes, all of our devices are unlocked. On rare occasions, an unlock code will be provided by Nexus Cellular. A sim card will need to be inserted, followed by the code to get the device unlocked.

Yes, we offer various grades to suit our clients needs. To get specific details on parts grading please visit the following page: Grading

Nexus Cellular prides itself on the quality it provides to its clients. We are constantly investing in and improving our Quality Control Processes in order to supply our clients with only the best.

The parts that Nexus Cellular source are thoroughly inspected by comparing them to OEM standards. Our experienced technicians are given the standards to be followed for each part. The parts are then tested for functionality, compatibility and overall quality.

The inspections and testing are done in three phases throughout the process. Parts are first selected and tested at our Vendor Factories based on Nexus Cellular’s standards, then once again in Nexus Cellular’s international warehouse.

After testing, our Shipping Team carefully packs and labels the goods using high grade materials in order to ensure damage in transit remains at the absolute minimum. The goods are then shipped to our Toronto Head Office and Warehouse. Once received, the final test occurs by our North American Trained Technicians. DOA’s and or Wrong Product, if any, are weeded out at this stage, ensuring only working parts touch our shelves before we pass them on to our customers.

For further details please visit Our Quality Control page.

Absolutely. Take advantage of this value-added service that we provide to our customers. We have many experienced and well-trained technicians on our team who would be happy to help you if you are facing trouble in a repair and have any technical questions. Reach out to your dedicated Account Manager with any technical problem you may be facing and we’ll be sure to help you solve the problem.

All orders are shipped from our Headquarters in Toronto, Canada.

Nexus Cellular accepts Visa, MasterCard, Amex and PayPal for all orders. For offline or pick-up orders, we also accept Wire Transfer, EFT, Cash or Cheque. Terms may be available once approved, please contact your Account Manager for details.

We have listed the lead times based on your location on our shipping page, please visit it here.

Yes, we would love to see you! If you would like to pick up your order, simply select that option on the shipping method page and we will prepare it for you. Please allow one hour for preparation. Our warehouse location for pickup is:

Nexus Cellular
1090 Aerowood Drive, Unit 7
Mississauga, Ontario, Canada
L4W 1Y5

Warranty and Returns FAQ

Nexus Cellular does not accept returns for products purchased elsewhere. Such product warranties will be denied and recycled after 30 days. If you would like the product back, please contact your dedicated Account Manager. The customer is responsible to pay the cost to ship the items back.

For authorized defective returns that we find to be non-defective, the customer is responsible to request the items back. Please contact your dedicated Account Manager to arrange the return, otherwise the products will be recycled after 30 days. The customer is responsible to pay the cost to ship the items back.

Every product returned to Nexus Cellular is tested by our Quality Control Department. Our trained technicians conduct complete tests and are not only limited to testing the specific reason for the return. This will ensure the RMA is handled accurately.

For authorized returns the customer will receive a store credit. If the customer requires a replacement for the returned product, the store credit will be applied to the invoice which contains the respective product. Store credits can be applied to any product available at Nexus Cellular. Nexus Cellular is a business to business distributor and as such we do not offer refunds.

After completing the RMA form and receiving a Return Authorization Number, please ship the return together with a copy of your completed RMA form to the following addresses:

For Canadian Clients:

Nexus Distribution Inc.
ATTN: Returns Department
1090 Aerwood Drive, Unit 7
Mississauga, Ontario, Canada
L4W 2S7

For American Clients:

Nexus Cellular
1823 Maryland Avenue
Unit# 25711
Niagara Falls, New York

Please note, Nexus Cellular does not cover the shipping cost of sending the RMA to us.

Your RMA status can be tracked by going to the Returns section of your My Account page. There you can see the status and technician comments of each item returned. Alternatively, you will be notified via email once we have received the package and you will also be emailed a detailed report once the goods have been inspected. Once the assessment is complete, your account will be credited immediately. Please allow 3-7 business days for this process.

We strongly urge all our customers to test the parts for full functionality prior to completely installing their parts. This is beneficial for the customer as it saves time and ensures the safety of the product. Further, in the event of a defective part, it will allow us to process your replacement or credit very quickly. Most replacement parts can be tested or dry-installed prior to a full install. Once fully installed, product tapes become used and the customer runs the risk of damaging the product when uninstalling it from the device.

Our aim is to get your repair completed as soon as possible. We understand you need the part much sooner than your customer can wait. As such, we have designed our return policy to expedite this process. We promise to make the return process as quick and painless as possible. Further, our return program strives to make you feel that you have our support every step of the way so that you can confidently depend on us to resolve any issues your business may face in this process.

Nexus Cellular fully commits itself to its customers. We believe in building strong and long lasting relationships with the companies who wish to partner with us. We place the utmost importance in creating a mutually beneficial relationship with our customers, and as such we will never leave our clients “out to dry”. Denied returns are rare, and in such scenario’s your Dedicated Account Manager is there to help you with any concerns you may have. All denied products are either shipped back to the customer or recycled after 30 days.

Yes, although we strongly recommend that all parts be tested for functionality prior to full installation. In the rare case that the part stopped working after installing a tested part, your warranty is still valid so long as the part is not broken or physically damaged.

Feel free to contact us! Nexus Cellular employs many qualified cellular industry experts to support you and we always welcome any new opportunity or enquiry. Please contact our support line at toll free 1-877-614-1001 or email